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Episode #108: My Top 21 InDesign and PDF Accessibility Tools

When making PDFs accessible for Section 508 or ADA compliance, there are some tools you can use that make the process a lot easier and faster. Here are my top 21 InDesign and PDF accessibility tools for making accessible PDFs. “My Top 21 InDesign and PDF Accessibility Tools”: Read or Listen

Episode #94: 12 Issues Automated Web Accessibility Checkers Can’t Detect

Web accessibility checker screenshot.

If you’re relying on automated web accessibility tools, you’re doing accessibility wrong. Just because a website passes an automated checker doesn’t mean it’s accessible. It could be filled with major accessibility errors. Find out 12 issues automated web accessibility checkers can’t detect.

“12 Issues Automated Web Accessibility Checkers Can’t Detect”: Read or Listen

Episode #92: 9 InDesign Accessibility Mistakes Designers Make

Many designers who think they’re creating accessible InDesign files and PDFs really aren’t. Other designers, who are looking for help with document accessibility, don’t understand the process, which can cost their clients. Find out 9 InDesign accessibility mistakes designers make and how to correct them.

“9 InDesign Accessibility Mistakes Designers Make”: Read or Listen

Episode #88: The Limitations of Acrobat’s Accessibility Checker

Acrobat Accessibility Checker.

Many designers rely on Acrobat’s accessibility checker to determine whether their PDF files are accessible or not. But like other automated checkers, it has limitations and can give false positives. Find out some things to look for and how to ensure your documents are accessible. “The Limitations of Acrobat’s Accessibility Checker”: Read or Listen

Episode #69: 9 Myths About Accessibility

Girl with cerebral palsy using laptop.

Most designers don’t know about accessibility or have misconceptions about it, such as thinking it will hinder their creativity or that it doesn’t apply to their clients. Find out 9 myths about accessibility and why you and your clients should care. “9 Myths About Accessibility”: Read or Listen

Episode #60: Overlays and Plugins Aren’t the Answer to Accessibility

Problems with website accessibility overlays.

Website accessibility overlays and plugins aren’t the answer to accessibility and compliance, despite being touted as an easy, automated solution for web designers and developers and their clients. They present a plethora of problems. “Overlays and Plugins Aren’t the Answer to Accessibility”: Read or Listen

Episode #53: Design With Accessibility in Mind

Designing for accessibility.

Most designers don’t think about accessibility, but it affects branding, design, documents and websites. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from other designers while helping your clients reach more people and legally protecting them. “Design With Accessibility in Mind”: Read or Listen

Episode #107: 5 Business Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Many graphic designers suffer from business issues that are actually symptoms of a bigger issue. Once you realize this, you can transform your business. Find out 5 business lessons for designers that I learned the hard way, so you hopefully don’t have to. “5 Business Lessons I Learned the Hard Way”: Read or Listen

Episode #106: Adobe InDesign vs Affinity Publisher: Which Should You Use?

When it comes to page layout programs for graphic designers, for some it comes down to Adobe InDesign versus Affinity Publisher. Find out the key differences between InDesign and Publisher and how to decide which page layout program is best for you. “Adobe InDesign vs Affinity Publisher: Which Should You Use?”: Read or Listen

Episode #104: 11 Cool Acrobat Tips for Designers

A lot of designers use PDFs for design proofs, but you may not realize some of the helpful features Acrobat offers. Here are 11 cool Acrobat tips for designers that will save you time, improve your workflow or let you do some really cool things. “11 Cool Acrobat Tips for Designers”: Read or Listen