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The Brand Style Guide Builder makes it easy to produce a brand style guide. Sections are already written, laid out and ready to go! Just add logos, client-specific information and review the copy.

Charge more for branding work

Designer making more money.I’ve charged clients more than $1,000 for a style guide alone!

But when you bundle a brand style guide as part of your brand identity work, your logo designs, you add so much more value.

And you should charge for that!

Providing a guide to help them have consistent branding has tremendous value and helps protect the investment they just made for a logo design.

Stand out from other logo designers

Male designer standing out from other designers.When clients see that you’re anticipating their needs by providing a brand style guide, you’ll stand out from all the other logo designers out there and get more respect.

Many designers do not provide a style guide or they just provide what the client asks for.

You’ll go from being seen as a “logo designer” who’s just drawing a logo and sending them the files to a branding expert who knows in advance what they need!

Maintain brand integrity

Group of designers.With a brand style guide, your design work is less likely to get messed with by an employee or subcontractor gone rogue.

They will all be able to refer to your brand style guide to keep things consistent and looking as good and as you intended.

You’ll be helping them be successful at taking what they’ve just invested in for branding and understanding how to use it.

Save time!

The Brand Style Guide Builder includes:

  • Real pre-written text (no Lorem ipsum!) that you can modify as needed for each client;
  • Minimalist design that you can easily modify for your own or your clients’ brand;
  • Master pages set up with and without sidebars for flexibility;
  • Placeholder image frames and notes (on their own layer in magenta in Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher, and as speaker notes in Google Slides) to help you with the content;
  • Paragraph, character and object styles (in Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher) for easy formatting.

Just change the design and fill in the client-specific info and images!

Be more profitable

The Brand Style Guide Builder will pay for itself many times over the first time you use it. You will add value to your logo design work, so you can charge more, and save tons of time creating a brand style guide, so you can be more profitable.

How much does creating brand style guides cost you?

Start saving time today

What Designers Have Said

“This style guide is as good as anything I’ve seen from big agencies. The time saved on one project pays for itself. In the past, I would have just winged it and end up with a hodge podge of fonts, colors, and spacing.”

Photo of Adam Lowe.Adam Lowe

“Thorough, easy to edit and it has all the messaging ready to go. I can’t wait to get this to my own clients! 🙌 Game changer 🙌 Excellent work on this!!! You’ve outdone yourself!!!”

Photo of Chris Nunn.Chris Nunn

How It Works

The images show a few pages from the InDesign brand style guide template.

  • Brand style guide cover template.
  • Brand style guide color page.
  • Brand style guide typography page.
  • Brand style guide logo page.

Multiple File Formats

You get the Brand Style Guide Builder in 3 file formats:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Affinity Publisher
  • Google Slides

You get all 3 because not all designers use the same software. So you can choose what works for you and the best format for the situation.

What’s Included

  • Adobe InDesign template and IDML files
  • Affinity Publisher file
  • Google Slides file
  • 17 pages and 6 sections:
    1. Color
    2. Typography
    3. Logo
    4. Imagery
    5. Elements
    6. Stationery
  • Suggestions for many other sections, depending on how extensive a guide you want to make it
  • PDF of a sample finished brand guide for reference
  • Instructions on how to use the file
  • The open source fonts used in the file

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By purchasing, you agree to the licensing terms. You are allowed to:

  • modify and use the brand style guide template for yourself for personal or commercial purposes,
  • modify and use the brand style guide template for client work.

You are not allowed to:

  • resell the files (selling a finished guide to clients is definitely fine!);
  • share or distribute the files to anyone else;
  • claim any copyright or trademark to the brand style guide template or its content;
  • use it in pornographic, fraudulent, infringing, illegal, harassing, offensive or defamatory manners.