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Episode #163: From Generalist to Specialist with Chris Hinds

A four-handed male designer talking on the phone, holding a newspaper, a notebook, and a mobile phone.

Find out how specializing can help your business. Chris Hinds of Equalize Digital shares their story of going from generalist designers to web accessibility specialists, giving them clarity and a competitive edge, winning clients more easily and making their marketing efforts easier.

From Generalist to Specialist with Chris Hinds: Read or Listen

Episode #159: 5 Must-have Acrobat Accessibility Preflight Fixups

Do you design or remediate accessible documents and find some of the PDF work to be tedious and time consuming? Find out five Acrobat preflight fixups that will speed up your accessible PDF workflow when it comes to artifacting, hyperlinks and more.

5 Must-have Acrobat Accessibility Preflight Fixups: Read or Listen

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