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Accessible PDFs From InDesign Course Waitlist—Thank you

Doors open at 10 AM EDT on June 21!

The first person to sign up when the doors open will have their full investment in the program refunded!

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Special Pricing: $500 (33% off the regular price of $749)


7-page InDesign and PDF Accessibility Checklist

Save hours upon hours of time figuring out what to do with your next accessible InDesign document! If you have an existing checklist, simply incorporate this one into that one. It’s provided as a Google Doc.

Value: $500 if your rate is $50 per hour and you spend 10 hours trying to DIY.

Pricing InDesign Accessibility Calculator

Save hours trying to figure out how to price InDesign accessibility work, and make sure your work will be profitable.

You’ll get a list of key elements to think about when creating a new file or remediating an existing file to help you estimate the work.

Value: $250

12 Months of Support

Get feedback on your work, ask questions, learn from others, and share your work or wins. This is a private course Facebook group only for students of the Accessible PDFs From InDesign course.

Value: $1,200

Coaching Call

Get one-on-one support with Colleen on your designs, file setup, selling accessibility or another topic.

Choose between a one-hour session or two half-hour sessions.

Value: $250