One-on-One Design Coaching

Learn how to stand out from the crowd and enjoy a lucrative design career.

Graphic design coachingWith design mentorship, you’ll improve your abilities, think outside the box, challenge yourself creatively and become a better designer, so that you can:

  • create better work that gets results for clients,
  • set yourself apart from other designers,
  • be more confident when presenting your work and
  • have a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Who it’s for

My one-on-one design coaching is for you if you’re a graphic designer who:

  • wants feedback on your work to improve your design skills.
  • wants to build self-confidence.
  • works in isolation and would like to bounce ideas off a veteran designer and agency owner.
  • wants to increase profitability.

What’s included

  • A video call of up to 60 minutes
  • A recording of the video that you can refer back to

Your investment is $100.

About your coach

I’m Colleen Gratzer, and I’ve been a print designer and web designer since 1997 and have been successfully self-employed at Gratzer Graphics since 2003, when I quit my full-time job because I was making more money freelancing.

From working the traditional 9-5 as the sole designer for a nonprofit and as part of a creative team for publishing companies, I’ve been through the same struggles most of us as creatives go through and have learned the hard way that college did not teach me all that I needed to know for the real world.

As a successful designer with more than two decades of experience, I want to share my real-world graphic design and business expertise with you

If you’re still struggling to find your way in the business of design, I can help guide you with the same tactics I used to go from confused and frustrated to building a solid reputation for being a rockstar designer.

Ready to supercharge your design skills?

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