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Episode #168: Level Access Acquiring UserWay: Huh?!

Accessibility company Level Access has warned against website accessibility overlays in the past. So it shocked the accessibility industry when they announced plans to acquire UserWay, known for its overlay. Find out what this potentially means for the industry.

Level Access Acquiring UserWay: Huh?!: Read or Listen

Episode #165: How APCA Changes Accessible Contrast—With Andrew Somers

APCA calculates contrast differently from WCAG and is expected to be part of WCAG 3. Find out from APCA creator Andrew Somers the problem with WCAG contrast ratios, why APCA is more accurate and how you can make your colors more accessible.

How APCA Changes Accessible Contrast—With Andrew Somers: Read or Listen

Episode #163: From Generalist to Specialist with Chris Hinds

Find out how specializing can help your business. Chris Hinds of Equalize Digital shares their story of going from generalist designers to web accessibility specialists, giving them clarity and a competitive edge, winning clients more easily and making their marketing efforts easier.

From Generalist to Specialist with Chris Hinds: Read or Listen

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