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Become a more confident, more successful designer who:

  • is seen as a respected expert, not an order taker;
  • commands higher rates;
  • stands out from other designers, so you win more work;
  • creates work that gets results, so they keep coming back;
  • takes your skills to the next level.

Get coaching from Colleen, an in-demand industry veteran.

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“Colleen’s mentorship sessions are just the thing—perfect for any designer in a rut or a creative who finds themselves at a crossroads.

I had been meaning to find a mentor, but it wasn't until I was facing down a difficult business decision that I finally found one. My suggestion: Don't wait!

Colleen’s help has been essential. I wound up opting for two sessions: One to cover my general business questions, and a follow-up to dig into a specific situation. They were exactly what I needed!

I walked away feeling empowered and, best of all, I felt understood. Colleen brings that perfect blend of empathy and support to the table, along with an excellent sense of humor.

And just like that… boom! Months of indecision melted away like snow in summertime.

She has given me the encouragement to take action and helped me hone my strategy.

In short, Colleen’s mentorship truly has given me a ‘Creative Boost.’ Look no further!”

Photo of Kimberley Hosty.Kimberley Hosty

“My mentoring session with Colleen was nothing like I could have imagined. She is very friendly and personable, and she is extremely intelligent.

I really appreciated her ability to understand the different nuances of the challenges a designer can face and the fact that she doesn't have a “one solution saves all” type of approach because she actually is interested in what works best for you as a designer and as a person and she really tries to work with that.

I felt very supported, understood and encouraged in pursuing my vision of design and illustration and I'm so grateful for that!

All of the practical advice, encouragement and poignant observations at a very reasonable price make these sessions a precious opportunity for anyone that is facing insecurities or in need of advice for their practice.

I highly recommend her mentoring sessions and hope to do one again at some point!”

Francesca D.

Who It’s For

My one-on-one design coaching is for you if you’re a graphic designer who:

  • wants to build self-confidence.
  • wants feedback on your work to improve your design skills.
  • wants help with freelancing issues.
  • works in isolation and would like to bounce ideas off a veteran designer and agency owner.
  • wants to increase profitability.

“Colleen Gratzer is not only a breath of fresh air, but has a wealth of great knowledge to offer. I think she’s a gem to graphic design professionals.”

Photo of Ms. Cain.L. Cain

“As a mature designer in the industry for over 12 years, I've been experiencing challenges with imposter syndrome, finding my space in a crowded and talented industry, navigating the social scene, marketing myself, and growing my business.

Colleen provided the perspective and clarity I needed to help me become grounded again. She was so easy to talk to, took the time to understand my challenges and asked the right questions to get to the heart of them in coming up with solutions. She used her own experience, expertise and history in a relatable way that was so helpful in providing insight.

Colleen’s mentoring session was perfect for talking things through and gave me takeaway solutions and actionable tips I can put to work! Getting a recording of the session and other helpful link resources was an added bonus.”

Lilly Skye

What’s Included

  • A video call of up to 60 minutes,
  • A recording of the video that you can refer back to.

Your investment is only $100 per session, and you will be able to apply the insight you gain to future work and clients.

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“I’ve invested in some popular programs aimed at helping designers build a sustainable business, but nothing has been quite like my experience with Colleen.

Colleen’s clear, no-filler approach to guidance has helped me get on the right path toward building a successful consulting practice.

She not only teaches me how to provide value and charge more for my work, but she also helps me build processes and even develop more confidence when dealing with potential clients.

Colleen really cares about the success of other creatives. If you’re willing to work, she’s going to give you her absolute best.”

Chris N.

“My mentoring session with Colleen was extremely helpful and well worth every minute! As a graphic designer in the early stages of my career, I had so many questions about starting a business and how to market myself.

Colleen’s expertise brings much value to the table. She does an excellent job breaking down terminology and processes in a way that I could understand. Her friendly, genuine character made me feel very comfortable asking the simplest questions.

I love that she recorded the session and provided me with additional resources so that I have materials to refer back to.

Colleen’s mentoring session definitely made me feel better prepared for entrepreneurship and more confident to do the things I need to do in order to stand out from other designers.”

Raquel Stubblefield

“Wow! Meeting with Colleen was the best thing for my business. She is very thorough, friendly and a total expert in the field of graphic design. I learned so much and will definitely be coming back for more! Highly recommend.”

Andrea Rojas

Meet Your Mentor

Colleen with her dog. Hi. I’m Colleen Gratzer, and I’ve been running a small design agency, Gratzer Graphics, since 2003. I have 25 years of experience in branding, print design, and web design and development.
From working the traditional 9 to 5 as the sole designer for a nonprofit and as part of a creative team for publishing companies, I’ve been through the same struggles most of us as creatives go through and have learned the hard way that college did not teach me all that I needed to know for the real world.
If you’re still struggling to find your way in the business of design, I want to help guide you with the same tactics I used to go from confused and frustrated to building a solid reputation for being an in-demand rockstar designer.

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