Hi. I’m Colleen Gratzer. I’ve been a print designer and web designer/developer since 1997 and have been self-employed since 2003.

After formally studying graphic design in college, my first professional gig was as the sole graphic designer for a nonprofit. I had no other designer or art director to bounce ideas around with. It was a lot of pressure. I mean, what if I couldn’t come up with any good ideas in time?!

I didn’t always feel confident and sometimes would second-guess myself. A few times, printers even told me I had to fix my files, which was embarrassing. But I ended up learning a lot from them that I hadn’t learned in school.

After that, I worked for a couple publishing companies and a design firm, where I was able to consult with other designers and challenge myself. My confidence grew over time and then I went out on my own.

As a successful designer with more than 21 years of experience creating great work and wowing clients, I wanted to share my real-world graphic design and business expertise with you. So I started Creative Boost and the Design Domination podcast in March 2018.