Hi. I’m Colleen Gratzer, and I’ve been a print designer and web designer since 1997 and have been successfully self-employed since 2003. I got my start formally studying graphic design in college.

College did not teach me all that I needed to know for the real world.

My first professional gig was as the sole graphic designer for a nonprofit, where I had no other designer or art director to bounce ideas around with. Even though my designs were well received, I didn’t always feel confident. Heck. Sometimes I’d send files to the printer and would have to fix them.

After that, I worked for a couple publishing companies and a design firm, where I was able to consult with other designers and challenge myself creatively. My confidence grew, I developed my skills even more, and I eventually went on to start my own business, Gratzer Graphics, in 2003, because I was making more money freelancing than I was at my full-time job.

As a successful designer with more than two decades of experience creating great work and wowing clients, I wanted to share my real-world graphic design and business expertise with you. So I started Creative Boost and the Design Domination podcast in April 2018.

Hear why I started the podcast.