Brand Identity Builder

A brand identity process that will allow you to charge more and be seen as a strategic expert

Stop wasting time. Start being confident and getting paid for your expertise.

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When you act like the expert, you will be seen as the expert.

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  • You get more respect.
  • You get money up front instead of giving away free discovery sessions.
  • You know how to help your clients better.
  • When you help your clients better, they get results. They come back for your expertise, and they tell others.

The Brand Identity Builder will help position you as the trusted, respected expert who charges accordingly for their expertise. It will guide you through various phases of the branding process.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not looking to charge more for your brand identity work.
  • You’re OK with letting the client lead the process.
  • You’re happy accommodating unlimited client requests.
  • You’re only interested in creating a brand identity that looks good but doesn’t get results for the client.

What You Will Get

A 42-page ebook (PDF) that will lead you through the brand identity process, from sales to showcasing the final work in your portfolio:

  1. Consultation The questions to ask in the beginning of the process to position you as an expert and to screen potential clients, so you don’t waste time on those who are a bad fit.
  2. Proposal What to include in the proposal and why, so that you are seen as an expert and stand out from other designers.
  3. Discovery What information to gather from the client, so you have an objective point of reference and a smoother relationship.
  4. Research What to think about before you even start designing, so you create a more successful brand identity.
  5. Design What to consider as you’re creating the brand identity, so you ensure it works for the client and you enhance your expertise.
  6. Presentation Ways to present your work and address feedback, so that you impress the client and get less pushback.
  7. Delivery How to properly finalize the logo and create the proper deliverables, so you enhance the value of your work.
  8. Showcase How to showcase your work online in a professional and impressive way, so that you can attract better clients.

You’ll also get worksheets and a checklist that you can print out and have on hand to guide you during the consultation, discovery and delivery phases; a list of resources; and future updates.

About Me

Colleen with dog My Brand Identity Builder process is based on insights from my 23-year career, in which I successfully transitioned from being just another graphic designer to being perceived as an expert—being more confident, getting more respect and appreciation, and charging more.

Stop wasting time

on prospects who are a bad fit and giving away your expertise free.

Start being confident

with a proven process and getting paid for your expertise.

Buy Now | Only $27

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