Episode #49: Branding & Marketing Insights with Jacob Cass

Branding Insights With Jacob Cass

Are you leaving money on the table with logo design? Do you know how to present your logo designs? Are you positioning yourself to clients so you are seen as an expert and get more respect? Jacob Cass of Just Creative talks about his design journey, his logo design and presentation process, how to add more value with brand strategy and some amazing marketing tips. Plus, find out why he calls himself “the pink cow.”

Branding & Marketing Insights with Jacob Cass: Read or Listen

Episode #48: Preparing and Packaging Logo Files – Michael Bruny-Groth

Preparing logo files

Do you spend a lot of time creating logo files? Are you unsure which formats to send to a client? Are you properly preparing logo files to prevent potential issues? Find out that and how to add value to your work by following these best practices from me and guest Michael Bruny-Groth from The Logo Package.

Preparing and Packaging Logo Files – Michael Bruny-Groth: Read or Listen

Episode #23: Color Convo With Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman

Color theory

Do you pick colors arbitrarily? Do you have trouble defending your color choices to clients? Find out from world-renowned color connoisseur Leatrice Eiseman how to be the expert. Learn how color affects us physiologically, how it affects a design, what to consider when choosing colors, how to talk to clients about it, and more.

Color Convo With Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman: Read or Listen

Episode #19: Tips About Trademarking Logo Designs

Trademarking logo designs

Do you know the difference between a copyright and trademark or how to make sure your logo designs don’t infringe on another company’s trademark? Find out from Matt the Lawyer how to make sure your logo design doesn’t infringe on an existing trademark, what your client should consider before trademarking, the trademark process and more.

Tips About Trademarking Logo Designs: Read or Listen

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