Episode #90: Selling by Helping With Nick Gulic

Confident designer talking to client.

Do you have trouble charging more for your work? Does the sales process make you nervous or feel sleazy? Do you need more confidence when talking to prospects? Nick Gulic, who regularly sells $10k and $20k brochure sites, talks about his sales process and selling by helping.

“Selling by Helping With Nick Gulic”: Read or Listen

Episode #89: 11 Mistakes That Hurt Your Freelancing Business

Are you making any of these common freelancing mistakes that most freelance designers make? Find out if you’re making any of these 11 mistakes that hurt your freelancing business and what to do about them.

“11 Mistakes That Hurt Your Freelancing Business”: Read or Listen

Episode #85: The Client Is Not the Enemy

Designer in boxing gloves.

Situations may arise when working with a client that make you feel like you’re on two different sides. But the client is not the enemy. Find out how to deal more effectively with situations that make you feel like you’re on two different sides. “The Client Is Not the Enemy”: Read or Listen

Episode #82: Break Away From These “But’s” and Stop Wondering Your Worth

Many graphic designers undervalue their expertise and their work. You might undercut or reduce your pricing to win new work and clients. But if you don’t value your work, no one else will! Stop wondering about your worth and break away from these “but’s.” “Break Away From These “But’s” and Stop Wondering Your Worth”: Read or Listen

Episode #81: “Freelancer”—The Other F Word

Many designers call themselves freelancers when they really aren’t. They’re doing much more than what a freelancer does. In many cases, the word can actually hold you back. Find out why I think “freelancer” is the other F word. ““Freelancer”—The Other F Word”: Read or Listen

Episode #80: Which Fish Are You?

Are you a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a small pond? If you’re a small fish in a big pond, you need clarity, so you can be a bigger fish in a smaller pond and get the right clients and the right design work. “Which Fish Are You?”: Read or Listen

Episode #79: Reflect, Refocus, Recharge

Reflect, refocus, recharge.

Let’s talk about reviewing our goals, celebrating our wins and refocusing ourselves and our businesses for the next year. Reflect, refocus, recharge. “Reflect, Refocus, Recharge”: Read or Listen

Episode #75: Squash Self-Doubt and Own Your Expertise

Own your expertise as a designer.

So many designers are afraid to call themselves an expert. They lack confidence, and that creates a snowball effect in their business: not charging enough, losing out on work and more. Find out how to squash self-doubt and own your expertise.

“Squash Self-Doubt and Own Your Expertise”: Read or Listen

Episode #72: What Your Reply to Prospects Says About You

Graphic designer hoping for a good response from a prospect.

Do you send prospects a price or your hourly rate when they first reach out to you? Do you lack confidence when dealing with prospects? Find out what your reply to prospects says about you and how to change their perceptions.
“What Your Reply to Prospects Says About You”: Read or Listen

Episode #54: Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself—Set Goals

Goal-Setting. Design Domination

Experts always say we should set goals to be successful. But do you avoid setting them because you don’t see the point or you’re afraid you won’t achieve them? Do you ever look back and think, “I should have done this or that”? Stop procrastinating and get motivated, and learn how setting goals can help. “Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself—Set Goals”: Read or Listen