Episode #28: Policing Plagiarism: What to Do When Someone Steals Your Creative Work

Plagiarism and copyright infringement

Have you ever had your work plagiarized? Unfortunately, I have—several times—and other designers have too. So I invited attorney Matthew Johnston back to talk about copyright infringement and your rights as a designer, so you can protect your creative work. You’ll also find out ways to search to see if your work has been plagiarized and what to do if it has been.
Read or Listen “Policing Plagiarism: What to Do When Someone Steals Your Creative Work”

Episode #19: Tips About Trademarking Logo Designs

Trademarking logo designs

Do you understand the difference between a copyright and trademark? Do you know how to make sure your logo designs don’t infringe on another company’s trademark? Read or Listen “Tips About Trademarking Logo Designs”

Episode #13: Are These Essentials in Your Design Contracts and Estimates?

Design estimates and contracts

Do you know what to include in your design contracts and estimates? Do you know if your projects are profitable? Do you have trouble pricing your work? Do you suck up out-of-scope work that you should be charging for? Do you wonder if your contracts are protecting you? Find out when I use a contract, what I take into consideration when pricing work and what I include to protect myself from scope creep or potential legal issues. Read or Listen “Are These Essentials in Your Design Contracts and Estimates?”

Episode #6: Are You Protecting Your Design Rights and Covering Your Assets?

Design contracts

Are your design contracts helping—or hurting—you? Do clients understand your contracts? Do you? If you don’t have a solid contract, you may be unknowingly giving away your design rights or taking on liability you shouldn’t be. Even worse, if you don’t operate as an LLC or corporation, your personal assets could be at risk if you make a mistake. Learn how to prevent a contract catastrophe, get your contracts signed faster and protect your design rights—and yourself—from a legal crisis. Read or Listen “Are You Protecting Your Design Rights and Covering Your Assets?”

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