Episode #54: Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself—Set Goals

Goal-Setting. Design Domination

Experts always say we should set goals to be successful. But do you avoid setting them because you don’t see the point or you’re afraid you won’t achieve them? Do you ever look back and think, “I should have done this or that”? Stop procrastinating and get motivated, and learn how setting goals can help. “Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself—Set Goals”: Read or Listen

Episode #44: 9 Ways Recurring Revenue Hurts Your Business – David C. Baker

David C. Baker

Monthly recurring revenue is all the rage these days, seen as the holy grail. But what most freelancers and agencies don’t necessarily realize is that it can cause problems. David C. Baker joins me to talk about 9 ways recurring revenue actually hurts your business and what to do instead. “9 Ways Recurring Revenue Hurts Your Business – David C. Baker”: Read or Listen

Episode #36: Tax Write-Offs Freelance Designers Might Miss

Tax write-offs for designers

Paul Koullick from Keeper joins me to talk about tax write-offs that freelance graphic designers might miss. Find out if you’re forgetting any of them and find out what you need to know about estimated taxes. “Tax Write-Offs Freelance Designers Might Miss”: Read or Listen