Episode #104: 11 Cool Acrobat Tips for Designers

A lot of designers use PDFs for design proofs, but you may not realize some of the helpful features Acrobat offers. Here are 11 cool Acrobat tips for designers that will save you time, improve your workflow or let you do some really cool things. “11 Cool Acrobat Tips for Designers”: Read or Listen

Episode #99: How to Make PDF and Print Documents More User Friendly

When you design documents destined for both print and the web, if all you do is export your layout files to low- and high-resolution PDFs, you’re missing out on providing a better experience for readers of PDFs or print and a higher value to your clients. Learn how to make PDF and print documents more user friendly.

“How to Make PDF and Print Documents More User Friendly”: Read or Listen

Episode #98: 6 Reasons to Use InDesign’s Automated Table of Contents

Many graphic designers avoid using InDesign’s automated table of contents feature. But there are several problems with creating a table of contents manually. Find out 6 reasons designers should use InDesign’s automated table of contents feature. “6 Reasons to Use InDesign’s Automated Table of Contents”: Read or Listen

Episode #96: How to Reduce Client Revisions

Smiling black female designer.

Excessive design and text edits from clients can be frustrating and a time suck for graphic designers. They can derail a project and make it less profitable. Find out 9 ways to reduce client revisions and have a happier client relationship.

“How to Reduce Client Revisions”: Read or Listen

Episode #92: 9 InDesign Accessibility Mistakes Designers Make

Many designers who think they’re creating accessible InDesign files and PDFs really aren’t. Other designers, who are looking for help with document accessibility, don’t understand the process, which can cost their clients. Find out 9 InDesign accessibility mistakes designers make and how to correct them.

“9 InDesign Accessibility Mistakes Designers Make”: Read or Listen

Episode #91: What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Like Your Designs

Frustrated male designer.

Have you ever sent off a design proof only to have the client not like it and ask for a bunch of design changes? Find out what to do when a client doesn’t like your designs.

“What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Like Your Designs”: Read or Listen

Episode #78: Color Blind by Design

Jake Albion, colorblind designer.

Hear how Jake Albion pursued his passion of a creative career despite being told it might not be possible because of his color blindness, how he became more driven by his disability and turned it into an advantage, and how he got into accessibility. “Color Blind by Design”: Read or Listen

Episode #76: Are Your Designs Solving or Causing Problems?

Designs solving or causing problems.

Graphic design is all about solving a particular problem, communicating and evoking a certain feeling. But those efforts fall short when you don’t consider how potentially 20% of your client’s audience cannot read or access the information because of design or file setup issues. That leaves a bad impression. Are your designs solving or causing problems? “Are Your Designs Solving or Causing Problems?”: Read or Listen

Episode #74: Man of Many Talents Melvin Thambi

Melvin Thambi standing in front of his work at an exhibit.

Graphic designer/fine artist Melvin Thambi joins me to talk about pursuing design and fine arts, how he got his work to be exhibited, how hearing “no” led to him achieving his dream, why he says to get out of your comfort zone and get ready to fail, and what advice he has for non-U.S. designers looking to get U.S. clients. “Man of Many Talents Melvin Thambi”: Read or Listen

Episode #71: How to Manage Client Revisions to Design Proofs

Managing client revisions.

Do clients often point out that you missed some of their edits in page proofs? I’ve got a bulletproof process to help you stay on top of them. These tips on how to manage client revisions to design proofs will help you save face and save time and will make for an easier revision process. “How to Manage Client Revisions to Design Proofs”: Read or Listen