Episode #100: Alt-text for Images

Confused by Alt-text for images for document and web accessibility? Find out which images need Alt-text, how to write good Alt-text, how long it should be and how to add it to web and InDesign images. Also find out lots of Alt-text do’s and don’ts.

“Alt-text for Images”: Read or Listen

Episode #96: How to Reduce Client Revisions

Smiling black female designer.

Excessive design and text edits from clients can be frustrating and a time suck for graphic designers. They can derail a project and make it less profitable. Find out 9 ways to reduce client revisions and have a happier client relationship.

“How to Reduce Client Revisions”: Read or Listen

Episode #94: 12 Issues Automated Web Accessibility Checkers Can’t Detect

Web accessibility checker screenshot.

If you’re relying on automated web accessibility tools, you’re doing accessibility wrong. Just because a website passes an automated checker doesn’t mean it’s accessible. It could be filled with major accessibility errors. Find out 12 issues automated web accessibility checkers can’t detect.

“12 Issues Automated Web Accessibility Checkers Can’t Detect”: Read or Listen

Episode #91: What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Like Your Designs

Frustrated male designer.

Have you ever sent off a design proof only to have the client not like it and ask for a bunch of design changes? Find out what to do when a client doesn’t like your designs.

“What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Like Your Designs”: Read or Listen

Episode #83: Responsibility and Revenue With Website Policies — Termageddon

Are you unknowingly taking on liability with privacy policies? Find out your responsibility with website policies, common mistakes web designers and developers make and how to make recurring revenue with them in this discussion with Donata and Hans from Termageddon. “Responsibility and Revenue With Website Policies — Termageddon”: Read or Listen

Episode #78: Color Blind by Design

Jake Albion, colorblind designer.

Hear how Jake Albion pursued his passion of a creative career despite being told it might not be possible because of his color blindness, how he became more driven by his disability and turned it into an advantage, and how he got into accessibility. “Color Blind by Design”: Read or Listen

Episode #77: How Your Unsecure Website Is Costing You Business

Unsecure website costing you business.

If you use WordPress for your website but don’t take security measures to keep it safe and up and running, potential clients may leave your site because of a warning, or, one day, they may not see your site at all. Find out how your unsecure website is costing you business and what to do about it. “How Your Unsecure Website Is Costing You Business”: Read or Listen

Episode #69: 9 Myths About Accessibility

Girl with cerebral palsy using laptop.

Most designers don’t know about accessibility or have misconceptions about it, such as thinking it will hinder their creativity or that it doesn’t apply to their clients. Find out 9 myths about accessibility and why you and your clients should care. “9 Myths About Accessibility”: Read or Listen

Episode #65: 23 Pro Page Layout Tips for Print and the Web

Professional page layout tips for print, digital document and the web.

I share 23 pro page layout tips for print, digital documents and the web. Find out how to polish your page layout skills, so you have more professional-looking and reader-friendly pages. You’ll also discover some accessibility and usability tips that can give you an edge over other designers and help your clients reach more people. Plus, I’ve also got a bunch of free resources for you. “23 Pro Page Layout Tips for Print and the Web”: Read or Listen

Episode #60: Overlays and Plugins Aren’t the Answer to Accessibility

Problems with website accessibility overlays.

Website accessibility overlays and plugins aren’t the answer to accessibility and compliance, despite being touted as an easy, automated solution for web designers and developers and their clients. They present a plethora of problems. “Overlays and Plugins Aren’t the Answer to Accessibility”: Read or Listen