Episode #54: Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself—Set Goals

Goal-Setting. Design Domination

Experts always say we should set goals to be successful. But do you avoid setting them because you don’t see the point or you’re afraid you won’t achieve them? Do you ever look back and think, “I should have done this or that”? Stop procrastinating and get motivated, and learn how setting goals can help. “Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself—Set Goals”: Read or Listen

Episode #50: Confidence, Closing and Content With Mike Killen

Confidence for freelance designers

Mike Killen and I talk about confidence, how it’s vital in closing the deal with clients and why you should be selling futures, not features. Get actionable tips to use when talking to clients, including how to respond when a client says, “That’s too expensive.” Also find out why you shouldn’t worry about criticism when putting your content out there. The answer will surprise you! “Confidence, Closing and Content With Mike Killen”: Read or Listen

Episode #45: 14 Reasons Graphic Designers Are Seen as Order Takers

Graphic designer order taker

There are a lot of differences in mindset and behavior between graphic designers who are perceived as order takers and those who are perceived as experts. Here are 14 reasons graphic designers are seen as order takers instead of as experts. “14 Reasons Graphic Designers Are Seen as Order Takers”: Read or Listen

Episode #43: 10 Ways a Design Mentor Can Help You

Mentoring for graphic designers

Designers, do you need to take your skills to the next level so you can charge more and get more respect? Want to go out on your own but not sure what’s involved? Need help with a freelancing issue? Here are 10 ways a design mentor could help you. “10 Ways a Design Mentor Can Help You”: Read or Listen

Episode #42: Power, Positioning & Pricing for Creatives With Blair Enns

Power, Positioning and Pricing With Blair Enns

Blair Enns joins me to discuss how to take back your power in the client-designer relationship, how not to sell, how to deal with mindset issues, pricing and much more. Also, find out what the “flip” is and why it’s vital in the client-designer relationship. “Power, Positioning & Pricing for Creatives With Blair Enns”: Read or Listen

Episode #30: Avoid These 12 Mistakes When Pricing Your Design Work

Pricing design work

Do you know what to consider when pricing your work? Are you charging enough? Do you worry if your price was right after sending an estimate? There are many ways to figure out how to price a project, and how you do so and present it can affect how the client perceives the value. You’ll either be perceived as an expert and command respect, or you’ll be seen as not understanding the scope of the work and your work as low quality. Avoid these 12 mistakes when pricing your design work. “Avoid These 12 Mistakes When Pricing Your Design Work”: Read or Listen

Episode #24: 7 Mistakes When Presenting Design Work and Asking for Critique

Graphic designer presenting design work

Are you making any of these mistakes when presenting design work to clients? Find out and learn how to present design work, so you get more respect and less pushback on your designs. Also, find out mistakes you might be making when asking for critique from other designers and others in general. Plus, don’t miss this one seemingly harmless question you should stop asking clients. “7 Mistakes When Presenting Design Work and Asking for Critique”: Read or Listen

Episode #17: Talking Confidence, Bullying and Negotiation With Ted Leonhardt

Ted Leonhardt and his illustrations

Ted Leonhardt and I talk about confidence (or lack thereof) and bullying and how they affect our value, setting our rates and negotiating salaries. “Talking Confidence, Bullying and Negotiation With Ted Leonhardt”: Read or Listen

Episode #10: Ever Feel Like an Imposter? With Tanya Geisler

imposter complex

Do you ever feel like your work isn’t good enough? Do you lack confidence presenting your design ideas? Do you find it hard to give yourself credit where due? This stems from imposter syndrome. Find out how it can help us or hold us back personally and professionally. “Ever Feel Like an Imposter? With Tanya Geisler”: Read or Listen

Episode #4: Stop Trying to Compete With Fiverr

How to Charge More for Design Work

Why should a client hire you when they can pay $50 to Fiverr or 99Designs, or set up a Wix, Weebly or Squarespace site themselves? Instead of being livid about what these commoditized services have done to the industry, take advantage of what they’re not offering and what they don’t do well. Learn how to set yourself apart from them and other designers and how to charge more for design work. “Stop Trying to Compete With Fiverr”: Read or Listen