Design Domination Podcast

Episode #29:

Creative Brief: Making Your Design Mailable

Designing direct mail

Part of the Creative Briefs series of mini-episodes with quick design- and marketing-related tips, this episode talks about making sure your design is mailable. When designing a printed piece that will be mailed, consulting a mailpiece design analyst will help you make sure your design adheres to any necessary postal requirements or qualify for special rates. …

Episode #28:

Policing Plagiarism: What to Do When Someone Steals Your Creative Work

Plagiarism and copyright infringement

Have you ever had your work plagiarized? Unfortunately, I have—several times—and other designers have too. So I invited attorney Matthew Johnston back to talk about copyright infringement and your rights as a designer, so you can protect your creative work. You’ll also find out ways to search to see if your work has been plagiarized and what to do if it has been.

Episode #27:

Creative Brief: 11 Things to Check in a Print Proof

Print proof checklist

Part of the Creative Briefs series of mini-episodes with quick design- and marketing-related tips, this episode is about reviewing print proofs. Here are 11 things to check in a proof from the printer to ensure your design will appear as you intended. …

Episode #24:

7 Mistakes When Presenting Design Work and Asking for Critique

Graphic designer presenting design work

Are you making any of these mistakes when presenting design work to clients? Find out and learn how to present your design work, so you get more respect and less pushback on your designs. Also, find out mistakes you might be making when asking for critique from other designers and others in general. Plus, don’t miss this one seemingly harmless question you should stop asking clients. …

Episode #23:

Color Convo With Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman

Color theory

Do you pick colors arbitrarily? Do you have trouble defending your color choices to clients? Find out from world-renowned color connoisseur Leatrice Eiseman how to be the expert. Learn how color affects us physiologically, how it affects a design, what to consider when choosing choose colors, how to talk to clients about it, and more. …

Episode #20:

Typeface Design and Inspiration

typeface design

Geek out on typography with me and typeface designer Fábio Duarte Martins. Learn a bit about typeface design and discover how it can be a great source of passive income. Plus, find out Fábio’s beef with Helvetica and the one instance he says Comic Sans was used well (yes, really!). …

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