Design Domination Podcast Episode #158: Top 10 Logo Design Podcast Episodes

Find out the best logo design podcast episodes from Design Domination and others about understanding more about logo design, how to design a logo, how to price a logo, how to get clients and which file formats to create for a logo.

First off, I just want to say these logo design episodes are not in order of preference. I’ve put these in the order that you would need to follow them based on the entire logo design process:

  • learning more about logo design,
  • how to design a logo,
  • how to price a logo design,
  • how to get logo design clients, and, finally,
  • how to create logo files.

Understanding Logo Design and Branding

First, if you want to find out more about designing a logo and branding, there are a couple of helpful podcast episodes for this.

1. Logos vs Brands with Bill Gardner, JUST Branding episode 2.08

One is the JUST Branding episode 2.08, Logos versus Brands. Jacob Cass and Matt Davies talk with renowned logo designer Bill Gardner of Gardner Design. His company has worked with a lot of big names.

It’s an insightful and educational conversation discussing all kinds of logo and branding topics such as:

  • the differences between logos and brands,
  • a brand personality framework,
  • the discovery process,
  • objectivity versus subjectivity,
  • design briefs,
  • selling the value of branding and more.

2. 9 Types of Logos for Brand Design & Strategy

The next one is the 9 Types Of Logos For Brand Design & Strategy video on YouTube by Stephen Houraghan of Brand Master Academy. This will help you to choose the right style for your next logo design. Stephen gets into:

  • brand marks,
  • pictoral,
  • abstract,
  • wordmarks,
  • mascots,
  • combinations,
  • emblems,
  • dynamic marks,
  • lettermarks and
  • monograms.

He also talks about effective logo design guidelines that you can implement into your next logo design.

It’s great for logo designers who are just getting started or need a refresher on the terminology or just want to dive more into logo design.

How to Design a Logo

Next are several episodes about how to design a logo.

3. Winning Color Strategies, Design Domination podcast episode 73

Choosing colors is a really important aspect of logo design. Colors have meaning. The colors should make sense for the client’s industry, appeal to the target audience and hopefully take accessibility into consideration so you don’t run into issues with that later.

Accessibility starts with the color palette.

So check out Design Domination episode 73, Winning Color Strategies. You’ll find out how to choose colors for a logo design based on color meanings, the audience, the industry, cultural relevance and accessibility.

4. Logo Design Idea Generation Techniques, The Logo Geek Podcast episode 135

When you design a logo, sometimes it’s hard to get started or come up with ideas. My friend Ian Paget shares his tips for coming up with logo design ideas in episode 135 of The Logo Geek Podcast.

He talks about:

  • word mapping, which is also something I’ve done;
  • matching icons, shapes and symbols with the words;
  • four categories of logo design;
  • overcoming creative blocks, which can be really difficult;
  • and more.

5. Avoid These 10 Logo Design Mistakes, Design Domination episode 2

Now, because I’ve been in the industry for 26 years and have designed a lot of logos and gotten lots of files from other logo designers and how to use them in various applications, for print and online, and on different colored backgrounds. I’ve learned and seen a lot.

So in episode 2 of the Design Domination podcast, Avoid These 10 Logo Design Mistakes, you’ll find out common logo design mistakes and how to avoid them.

6. Tips About Trademarking Logo Designs, Design Domination episode 19

As part of designing a logo, it’s good to research logos that are already out there, especially in that same industry, so that you don’t create something in the likeness of another logo.

After all, you never want to be in a situation where another company notifies your client that the logo you designed looks too much like theirs and now they are seeking legal action or, worse, damages if they’ve already registered their trademark.

That wouldn’t make you look good, and it would mean you have to redo their logo design. That means they could potentially have a lot of rebranding to do depending on how far it got—if they applied that new branding to their other materials.

For those reasons, doing a quick trademark search of existing or pending trademarks when you’re designing a logo adds tremendous value to your work. Of course, you could also engage the services of a trademark attorney to help you with this if your client has a need for this. That does cost a lot more money though.

How to Price Logo Design Work

Now, once you know how to design a logo and before you go getting logo design clients, you need to know how to price the logo design work. It’s important to know how to price logo design up front so that you can talk money up front confidently.

You don’t want to not have an answer when the client asks, “How much does a logo design cost?” You also don’t want to hesitate in answering either because that makes it sound like you’re new at this.

Knowing what to charge not only helps you be profitable, but it instills confidence in the client that you do this all the time. You’ve got this.

So, for pricing logo designs, I recommend two great podcast episodes.

7. Price Equals Expectations, Resourceful Designer episode 314

One is Resourceful Designer episode 314, Price Equals Expectations. Mark des Cotes makes some really great points. One thing he says is:

So why would a client hire a $2,000 designer over a $200 designer?

So many designers ask this themselves.

He says it can be summed up in one phrase, and I totally agree:

Price equals expectations.

He also asks what is the difference between a $200 logo and a $2,000 logo? Is the $2,000 logo that was maybe created by a more experienced designer 10 times better than the $200 logo that maybe a less experienced designer created? Something to think about.

Another great point he makes is:

Clients will treat you differently depending on how much you charge.

Yes, 100%! So if you have trouble pricing your work or raising your rates, definitely check this out.

8. Pricing Design Work & Creativity (The Guide)

The other one I recommend is Pricing Design Work & Creativity (The Guide) by The Futur.

Chris Do speaks about:

  • how confidence affects your pricing;
  • how to combat price objections;
  • charging based on value versus time you spend;
  • demonstrating value to the client, which is so important.

But sometimes we have to convince ourselves before we can even approach the client and state that confidently.

How to Get Logo Design Clients

Once you know how and what to charge for a logo design, you need to go about finding logo design clients.

9. How to Get Logo Design Clients with Tom Ross and Michael Janda, The Logo Geek Podcast episode 90

I highly recommend my friend Ian Paget’s The Logo Geek Podcast episode 90, which is How to Get Logo Design Clients, with Tom Ross and Michael Janda.

Some great points they make are what to understand before trying to find logo design clients, how niching helps you get clients and a bunch of great tips.

How to Create Logo Files

10. Preparing and Packaging Logo Files, Design Domination episode 48

Of course, at the end of the logo design process, once the design has been chosen and approved, you want to provide the proper deliverables.

In Design Domination episode 48, Preparing and Packaging Logo Files, I talked with Michael Bruny-Groth, the creator of Logo Package Express.

You want to make sure you provide all the proper file formats they will need for print and the web. You don’t want clients to have to come back to you to ask for certain formats because you didn’t provide them.

Michael and I talked about how to prepare the final logo design files, the logo file formats that you need to provide and how to create them super fast.

Bonus Tip: Brand Style Guide

Now, I do have a bonus tip. I will call it a “bonus tip” because “top 10” sounds better than “top 11,” right?

So my bonus tip is that you can also increase the value of your logo design work and even the deliverables you provide by providing a brand style guide.

I talked all about this in Design Domination podcast episode 51, Boost Value With a Brand Style Guide.

So there you have them—my top 10 logo design episodes and a bonus tip.

Did your favorite logo design episode make the list? If not, share it in a comment.

Be sure to check out the show notes on the episode page to get all the links to the episodes I mentioned.

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